Ready for Your Next Buick Car? Here’s a Buick Leasing Guide Courtesy of LaFontaine Buick GMC of Lansing

Pursuing a Buick lease near Lansing, MI brings a number of advantages to car shoppers. And whether you’re interested in leasing a Buick Envision or a Buick Encore GX, this Buick leasing guide will make your shopping experience even more satisfying at our local Buick showroom.

Benefits of Leasingexterior view of dealership

From lower monthly payments to excellent warranty coverage, there are plenty of reasons to talk with our Buick finance center serving Lansing, MI about leasing your next car. Here are a few of the many advantages:


For many car buyers, owning the same car for several years straight runs contrary to the flexibility their lifestyle demands. Leasing, on the other hand, is inherently flexible.

For example, you can start by leasing your favorite sports sedan and then switch smoothly to an SUV or minivan if you decide to start a family. Or maybe a new job requires you to transport product samples or entertain clients, necessitating a shift from the small economy car you’ve been driving.


Lease a car at our Buick dealership serving Lansing, MI and you don’t have to finance the full value of the car. Instead, you only finance the car for the time that you “own” it, which is usually around three years.

This means that your down payment and monthly payments will be lower, allowing you to get more car for your money. So, the brand-new, fully loaded Buick SUV that wasn’t practical to purchase might very well be within your budget if you lease it.

Warranty Coverage

Low maintenance expenses are another big reason to lease a car from LaFontaine Buick GMC of Lansing. For instance, most leases last for three years/36,000 miles, but the majority of big maintenance issues (e.g. new tires, new brakes, and new belts) don’t arise until after this milestone.

Moreover, if something does happen to your leased Buick car and repairs are required, there’s a great chance those repairs will be covered under warranty.

Lease a Buick Vehicle Today

Visit our online new car inventory, check out our current selection of Buick SUVs near Lansing, MI, and then stop by our local Buick showroom for a test drive. Our friendly Buick dealers will ensure you get the right vehicle with a lease that meets all of your requirements.