Importance of Regular GMC Service and Maintenance

Whether it’s a Buick Regal with 150,000 miles, or a GMC Terrain that you just leased a year ago, we hope you’re enjoying your reliable vehicle. And we hope you know the key to keeping it that way: timely Lansing GMC service and maintenance from a dealership like LaFontaine Buick GMC Lansing.
We keep the essentials easy!

Why GMC Service Matters

certified technician removes bolts from car tire

Michigan is a study in contrasts. Our summers are hot and our winters are brutal. You deserve better than a vehicle that won’t

start in the dead of winter, or one that over-heats when it still has that new car smell.
Besides, a car that’s maintained properly won’t just save you money on repairs in the longer term. It’s also safer to drive no matter what Mother Nature brings.

What Happens If you Skip Service?

Most maintenance performed at your Lansing GMC dealership consists of items that are small and relatively inexpensive. Oil changes ensure an engine that’s clean, cool, and lubricated — and one that lasts longer.
Brake service provides quick, sure stops. Battery service means your starter and electrical system are up to snuff in any weather. But neglecting these items is taking a chance on expensive repairs.

Our GMC Service Center

So vehicle maintenance is important. However, don’t forget that it’s just as important to choose the right service center. There are many reasons to visit LaFontaine Buick GMC Lansing.
Leased your vehicle? We expect to get it back in the same excellent condition in which it was leased to you. That means proper and timely maintenance so you don’t incur wear and tear penalties.
Purchased a new GMC truck? You’re still not off the hook, since neglect can void your warranty. It’s also important to remember that using genuine GM parts ensures quality and longevity on maintenance and repairs alike.

Save Money on GMC Service

There are many good reasons to maintain your vehicle. Need another? GMC service specials. If you want to save money, they’re where you want to start, since you get all the benefits of your GMC service center plus a smarter way to save on essentials.
We also offer a host of GMC owner benefits so you get what you need — and get back on the road — even faster. So for all of your automotive needs, visit LaFontaine Buick GMC Lansing today!