GMC Service Checklist for Savings and Safety

Some SUVs and trucks seem to get by on their looks. While we’ve yet to see an ugly GMC Sierra 1500, we know that style is matched with some serious substance. Enough so, in fact, that you can easily push the odometer well into six digits — as long as you’re diligent about GMC service from a dealership like LaFontaine Buick GMC of Lansing.

Why GMC Maintenance is Important

It’s not uncommon to really feel your age after a hard day’s work. Imagine how your GMC vehicle must feel after being pushed to its limits. And like your body, your vehicle will break down if you neglect it too long.
That’s not to say that breakdowns are inevitable. We know that wear and tear are a fact of life, so if we take care of the small details like oil changes, tire rotations, and battery service, our truck or SUV can handle the big stuff. Your Lansing GMC dealership makes it easy.

GMC Service Checklist

It’s a good idea to follow the suggested service intervals in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. And you can do a lot to take care of your truck or SUV in between visits, like maintaining proper tire pressure, using the right grade of fuel, inspecting your vehicle for signs of wear, and not ignoring signs of trouble if you notice them.

The team at LaFontaine Buick GMC of Lansing is here to help with the rest.
• Your vehicle relies on its tires for proper traction and sharp handling, so rotate and replace tires on schedule.
• Protect key components by changing transmission fluid, coolant, and oil on time.
• Get GMC brake service to ensure quick stops no matter the road conditions or weather.
• Ensure quick starts and proper electrical function with regular battery maintenance.
• Never ignore the warning lights on the dash, from the temperature light to your check engine light.
• Protect your investment, bringing your vehicle to a GMC service center for any maintenance and repairs.
• Save money the right way by taking advantage of our specials on GM parts and service.

Don’t hesitate to stop in ahead of schedule, especially if there’s a big job or a long trip coming up. The team at LaFontaine Buick GMC of Lansing will make sure your vehicle and all who ride in it are safe and sound on the road!